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We help your organization to grow, both economically and qualitatively from a social context. We know how to reach and motivate your employees to participate in the change process with the intention that they can continue to work on their own. With Leannovations you can boost momentum!

Newton Cradle

Why Leannovations?


Let your company grow while improving quality and reducing cost

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Finding and retaining suitable staff in a shrinking labor market

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Finding your own strength strength to develop your organization

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Who are you?

Do you also recognize yourself in the following points?

“Visible results in the short term, without loosing long-term goals out of sight.
Johan Zentjens

How do we do this?

How do we achieve the desired results together?

We work with targeted interventions. During the directional phase, a choice is made which tools and methods best suit the organization. During a handover phase, the organization is taught how to use these effectively. Subsequently, in the aftercare phase, the external support is phased out.


Our specialties


Develop and implement communication structures that match daily needs.


Training means Learning-by-doing. In other words: learning-by-doing with the focus on sharing the knowledge that helps the trainee the most.


Leannovations adds a dimension to the meaning of "improve", a view as once intended by Taiichi Ohno.


Gemba denken is de sleutel om processen te borgen. Het is een twee-eenheid met de Leannovations zienswijze van "verbeteren".

Focus activities

In-company activities in which a theme is treated and researched in a very targeted way in order to achieve a targeted effect.


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